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AllGreen B.V. is a supplier for garden center chains, with a basic assortment of:

Indoor plants
Garden plants
Bedding plants

About us

AllGreen B.V. is a supplier for garden center chains, with a basic assortment of:

AllGreen B.V. is a supplier for garden center chains and delivers a variety of top products such as indoor plants, nursery products, bedding plants, etc. The products supplied by AllGreen meet the very strict quality standards of its customers. AllGreen was founded in November 2007 and has an innovative and open working structure. A partnership with AllGreen means doing business with an extremely flexible trading house, which responds quickly and efficiently to the wishes of its customer.

Vision and Mission

Quality and improvement in "All" aspects!

AllGreen is constantly looking for quality and improvements in both new products and improvements of existing products. Creating highly efficient and more effective work methods.

AllGreen stands for reliability, top quality, and commits to 100% fulfillment of delivery agreements, regardless of the large fluctuations in demand and in the season. AllGreen has a small core team of employees and suppliers, who can expand enormously quickly and flexibly depending on demand. Through structured and flexible agreements with growers, suppliers, and transporters, surprises and out-of-stocks are prevented, without unnecessary or unexpected costs for all parties involved.


How does AllGreen distinguish itself?

By continuously searching for improvement & innovation in quality, reliability, and service, through new products, concepts & product possibilities. Highly knowledgeable, experienced, and professional employees, who dare to hold up a mirror to each other, thereby stimulating each other to continue to develop and improve. Continuously looking for unnecessary actions and simplifying the process through a high degree of automation.

About us
Vision and Mission

Themes & concepts

Together with its customers, AllGreen B.V. develops custom table & store concepts: A fully furnished and cared-for table in a certain style, a certain type of flower or plant, and in a color setting, whether or not adjusted for the respective season.

Who are Our customers?


Dehner is the largest group of garden centers in Europe, with 135 branches in Germany and Austria. European market leader Dehner is not only linked to garden centers but is also an independent quality brand. Products that may be sold under the Dehner trade name must first meet the highest quality and performance standards.

Coop / Jumbo /

Coop Schweiz is one of the largest supermarket chains in Switzerland with 800 supermarkets and 120 construction and hobby markets under the name Jumbo. AllGreen delivers a wide range of indoor and garden plants to these sales points throughout Switzerland daily.


Kalia is a chain of large and small garden centers in Slovenia. They sell items grouped in categories, paying attention to the spirit of the times we live in. They offer a variety of products at different prices from different classes, to serve as broad a spectrum of visitors as possible.

Coop / Jumbo


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